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just like a drummer

i wake up with the thunder of your typewriter, every night

 I like tongue in cheek. I like wondering if when I interpret something as ‘tongue in cheek’ I am at all understanding a person’s authorial intent or whether I’m merely missing the point and lumping an entire work of speculative fiction  into that giant umbrella of terminology, willy-nilly. Sometimes I still laugh at the word willy and I think that’s a bit tongue in cheek. A lot of the bands on Popical Island are quite tongue in cheek, to my ears. Fun, but well thought out music with the intention of making people happy – one of the foremost preoccupations of all good music, one argues – generally falls into this category, thus illuminating this black hole in my confident ability to talk about music with purpose, making its absence ironically visible to the world. Whether I am interpreting it correctly however, is little of the point.

Photograph by Nick Van Vliet

In what is possibly related, I can say that amidst relocations and life changing alterations in personalities, I have been mostly preoccupied, this summer, with waiting for Groom‘s new album, ‘Marriage‘. Although my appetite has not yet been satiated, it has been whetted with a lovely sneak preview track on the Sweet Oblivion Blog – see: good blog – and anticipation tastes like cherry pie. With a dollop of vanilla ice-cream, not vanilla flavoured ice-cream. The song is ‘All the Bored People’ and I narcissistically feel it to have been designed specifically for my needs, which in the wake of ‘finding myself’ and mild to middling homesickness, needed a little indulgence. It’s sweet, fun music. The lyrics are Stuart Murdoch, to my faux literary ear, with a little less gratuitous simper and a little more off-beat, ‘did that quite rhyme?’ charm. It’s not that I don’t like Belle and Sebastian, it just all seems to work too well, and I don’t find that an issue with Groom, who are fast becoming my favourite topping on the Popical Sundae.

With the remnants still disintegrating in my mouth, I can safely say that following the charmer that was last years ‘At The Natural History Museum’, Groom remain equally on form with the promise of rising to even greater heights. Bring on the ‘Marriage‘! Due August 21st, my breath is bated.

And meanwhile, at the bar, a fangirl muses.

 One word review says: Creamingmyself.


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