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just like a drummer

i wake up with the thunder of your typewriter, every night


Writers Bio...

Just another Wave Pictures fan, writing about music.

Just Like A Drummer is a blog focused on badly documenting the completely overlooked wonder that is the Irish music scene.

Well really there’s just me. I am too tempermental and lazy to ever work with anyone else. I’m Ciara and I am 22 year old Post-Graduate student from Meath, Dublin etc., currently studying  at the University of Sussex. I want a job in “the media”, if you’re looking. I started writing this blog because upon leaving my cushy hovel in Dublin – the flat above the sex shop in Rathmines, I miss thee! – I realised how much wonderment I was leaving behind. So this is me, dealing with my trauma. I’m actually lying about the inability to work with other people.

If you have any suggestions for bands or artists that you would like to see covered on the blog, or indeed are one of the artists I have written about and would like to make a correction to my utterly scathing knowledge, then feel free to send an email along to


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