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Delayed to the parade, this is a public service announcement. BATS new video has begun melting faces all over Dublin and the metaphorical plains of the internet. Watch out for friends who approach you with a glazed look in their eye and a goofy smile on a face as green as crumbly cheese. It is almost a certainty that, like me, they have spent an afternoon in relish and in envy, re-watching the stunning videoscape.

The track is Star Wormwood from BATS debut album Red in Tooth and Claw, and was incredulously formed from a budget of next to nothing by Conor and Tim of Digital Beast. You can watch it in all its glory below.


This particular song, as is indicative of the whole album, is driven by lyrical content. Nay McArdle has blogged the most fantastic article and interview with the band that will shed a lot more light than I ever could on the eccentricities of the album, and the band’s ideological intentions in making it. It is more than worth reading it after a few listens to the song if what you like from your music is provocation and the need to be pushed further. To think. If you want to sit and enjoy it for the pure sensationalism, that’s okay too and there is no small thing to be taken from the utter joyous experience of turning your brain off, and appreciating the pure musicality of this song.

For me personally, I find that every minute of attention I give this album the more I find to listen to. No two plays of Star Wormwood and now the fantastic video that goes with it offer the same reaction, and this unique ability to fill me with a need to understand every sentence is probably the main reason for listening to this wonderful band who can boast an absolutely singular attention to lyrical detail. And they are, these details, exquisitely intricate. It may be because I have a bleeding spot in my heart for musicians who can write words as beautifully as they play, but I adore the sentiment that has gone into this song. It feels utterly complete, in a way it only can after hours and hours of thoughts and emotions and absolute certainty in what is trying to be conveyed in the words that wrap this song up like a manifesto.

What’s special about this band and the music they make is that they are unafraid to ask the questions that can either plague us or set us free. BATS choose the latter, and in this magnificent debut seem to not only challenge us, but offer the solution.

BATS will be supporting Adebisi Shank on their album launch in Whelan’s on Friday. Due to relocation and unfortunate timing I won’t be able to make it myself, but with the combination of two of the most important bands in Ireland on one stage, the night is looking to be absolutely explosive. You’d be a fucking idiot to miss it.

One word review says: Necessary.