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Big Monster Love is one man on a mission to make “music that sounds more like his life”. I like this concept. I like the fact that, although I don’t really make water slides in my garden or invite strippers to my house – see, that’s what I’m missing out on? I mean, really, how cool would that be? – it sounds a bit like my life too. Colloquial would be one way to put it, but I prefer to call it familiar in the oddest way possible. And I guess that’s an ineloquent definition of this Anti-Folk rhapsodist, on a whole.

Hailing from ‘Shitsville’, Dublin – a fondness that is evident in his music – Big Monster Love, under various guises, seems to have been making local music for longer than I have been appreciating it. With an eloquence that can only be described as elegiac, what makes Big Monster Love quite wonderful is his ability to show as much love for the place that clearly shapes his music, as he does distaste. Listening to his songs, thus far scattered across EPs and demos, is like having a laugh at yourself, but sort of seeing how great you are, all the same. I like that a lot. It’s a beautiful quality to have.

So having said that, I’m delighted and effervescently excited to be writing about the first big album of 2011; to announce that Big Monster Love’s debut  ‘Game Over’ will be released on the prolific Popical Island label and Abomination Records this February  4th. And for those who cannot sate their appetite with this nugget of knowledge alone, we also have a wonderful preview with the first track to be released from this much-anticipated colouring book of music, “Free Gaff Forever”.

Big Monster Love – Free Gaff Forever

So, how happy does this song make me? Well, the answer to that is very happy. It feels like summer, which is great, because winter is starting to get on my rag.

Keep your eyes glued to the Popical Island tumblr for more info.


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